Customizable Groups

The Clubmatic service supports an unlimited number of special-interest groups. A special-interest group is a subset of registered members with a shared interest or purpose. The group features can be used to facilitate boards, standing and ad-hoc committees, school classes, or any other subset of your organization. Each group has its own email list, protected web pages, file downloads, and polling booth.

Administrators can quickly and easily create and dissolve groups as needed. Group subscription may be open to any member or require approval of a group moderator. Members can subscribe to a group from their account preferences, or the moderator can select members and add them directly to a group.

Email Lists

Clubmatic automatically subscribes all active and approved members to a universal group email list. Each member may choose to receive universal group email as individual messages or daily digests, or opt out of receiving email messages entirely. All postings are stored in a searchable archive and may be viewed online by any member. This allows members opting out of email delivery to view or search postings at their convenience. Only active and approved members may post messages to the list. In addition, posting to the list may be open or moderated, the latter requiring approval of a moderator before the message is sent to list members.

These same email features are also provided to the special-interest groups. Each group email list can be configured to accept postings from group subscribers, or queue postings for review by the group moderator. Members may choose to receive postings from each group list as individual messages or a daily digest. In addition, all group postings are archived and may be searched and viewed online by group subscribers.

Web Content

Clubmatic provides public and private web content areas. Your organization determines which pages should be publicly accessible and which content is for members only. Clubmatic automatically controls access to private web pages. Only subscribed and approved members may access private content.

Clubmatic also provides public and private file download areas. This is an ideal place for collecting non-HTML documents like PDF application forms or newsletters. Clubmatic generates and updates the file index page automatically.

In addition each group may have its own private web pages and file downloads. Only subscribed and approved group members may view group-only web pages and download group-only files. This feature is especially useful for groups like a board of directors or executive committees.


Clubmatic provides customizable single-question online polls with multiple choice answers. Polls may be open to all members or only to a specific group. Only subscribed and approved members may participate in group-only polls. In addition, poll creation may open to any member or restricted to just the group moderator.