Online Member Registration

Clubmatic offers online registration and renewal with support for multiple classes of membership. Each member has a private account and may update his or her own membership information at any time. Administrators may also enter and update information for those members who prefer to submit paper forms.

Standard membership data includes name, address, phone numbers, and email address. Clubmatic supports additional organization-specific membership information; for example spouse and children for mothers' clubs, or organization affiliation for institutional members.

Administrators can also prepare and generate custom reports; for example listing all members who have not yet renewed their membership; the number of members who paid dues using PayPal; or a list of all past, present, and pending members of record.

Online Searchable Roster

Members can search the online roster to connect with other members. Clubmatic allows each member to choose different levels of privacy for their roster entry roster (full listing, limited listing, or unlisted). Administrators use the online membership database to verify membership, as well as prepare and generate custom reports and lists for management, mailings, and events