Clubmatic supports an open and easy exchange of information between members. It is simple to create a new group, which provides a separate email list and web space for members with similar interests. Members can subscribe and unsubscribe to groups at any time, and Clubmatic automatically updates the group email list and web access.

Clubmatic understands the needs and challenges of volunteer and non-profit organizations. A single role may be shared by multiple members, and a single member can hold multiple roles. All the responsibilities and privileges of the role are automatically extended to all the people sharing the role.

Clubmatic provides flexible reporting tools that can generate custom membership reports, for example a mail merge of current members used to print event name tags or newsletter mailing labels.


Clubmatic hosts your existing web pages unchanged, and supports popular web site tools like Adobe® Dreamweaver® and Microsoft® FrontPage®. Organizations can customize any Clubmatic page, making it easy to match your current website look and feel.


Clubmatic is designed to handle organizations with thousands of members as easily as hundreds of members. In fact, Clubmatic itself may help grow your organization. For example, SCBMC nearly doubled its membership after using Clubmatic. And Clubmatic is helping SCBMC to be more productive as well. In 2005 SCBMC averaged 10 email postings per day, and by August 2006 they had more than 30 messages per day.